A Month of Colour

My favourite colour is purple and all its shades and tints. Mauve, lilac etc- you name it, I like it! I think I shall start the month by taking a photo of everything I own in this colour. When I was younger, I used to love blue and bought lots of clothes in different shades of blue, but as I got older the blue shades against my ‘silver’ (LOL!) hair became too harsh. When I retired, at first I was quite ill and used to do my shopping online or from catalogues. I think purple and its attendants was the ‘in’ colour one season. When I bought a t-shirt in that colour, I realised that the colour suited me better than blue and had a splurge of purple, lilac and mauve buying! So, for the first of June and the first day of the Month of Colour, I choose the colour purple.