‘Doin’ me ‘ead in!’

The cutest blog on the block logo is vexing me greatly! It insists on sitting over the title of new posts! Does anyone know how to move it without having to delete the blog candy altogether?

One more day to go………

…….to the start of the class ‘Learn Something New Every Day’!!!!! I’ve read my Getting Ready prompt and gathered all my stuff together and decided that I’m doing 6×6 album pages and a bit of digital stuff as well. Can’t wait to get the blinkie up here and receive the preliminary stuff today!! Tee…..hee!!!

Learn something new every day.

This class from Shimelle Laine starts on 1st September for the whole month. It is an on-going class that happens every year, like the Journal your Christmas. I’m going to use a 6×6 layout for this class, for speed and also because I’d like to try out some digital los as well. Looking forward to starting and have already prepared my front page as shown above.

Go to press. The last batch!

How sad……boo..hoo! Shimelle’s class ‘Go to Press’ has finished……or has it? Shimelle was going to give the class members a surprise extra today, but it was SHE who got the surprise!!! The Boy had secretly booked a weekend away for them both, thinking that GTP had finished completely! So, she had to text us a message to the forum to apologise! No apologies needed, Shimelle! We hope you really enjoy your break and come back refreshed ready for ‘Learn something new every day’. I wish my HE was so romantic!!!!!

Here are the last few los.