10th September

Shopping today… I don’t really like shopping! When I thought about it, I really was glad that I am organised enough to do it and to cope with interuptions to the weekly menu as well! I learned that I DO appreciate the rest of the time when I’m free to go out, scrap etc.!


The ‘reborn’ Hubble was sending back its first space vistas today. They made me think of the awe and wonder I feel when faced with the vastness of the universe. You can see some more images and find out more here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/8246556.stm
I loved Shimelle’s arrow idea, so included it on this lo. It looks rather like a spaceship arriving at the butterfly nebula… I didn’t notice this until I’d finished it! lol!!

8th September

I am so used to opening my camera/ printer software that I hadn’t noticed the ‘go to fun pages on the web’ section. Well, I opened it and found lots of things to print off that would be useful for embellishments etc. Having just finished Shimelle’s ‘Go to Print’ class, I have been learning to print things off on different kinds of media as well as good, old white card. This will be another useful resource.

6th September

I was feeling quite sad today as to how quickly time seems to have passed since Ben was born in October 2008. I looked at photos and videos taken and laughed and cried over them! I learned today that I shall never stop loving you!!