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Welcome if you’ve come to my blog via ‘Blog around the World’ or merely by chance!

As you can see, it is a grey, November day at the end of Autumn here in Stockport, UK. I live in a three-storey house which is the reason you’re looking down on the houses opposite. It’s actually taken from my craft room window, which is at the side of the house.
Here is my craft space with another part of the view from the same window. It’s not usually as neat as this but we’ve just had new window frames fitted so I had to clear my desk and everything away from under the window so that the workmen could reach. Thank goodness you can’t see the other corner of the room!
Well, thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy the rest of your whirlwind journey! Please drop by again sometime!
Your next visit is to someone who’s celebrating a special anniversary with champagne, gingerbread latte and a show! She also has something Chocolate that you can’t eat!! You’ll find the answer here Byeeeee!

Wednesday Weekly

This week, I am…
  • seeing….the dreary rain outside my window and the last of the Autumn leaves clinging on to the trees
  • hearing…. the gales blowing and the rain bouncing off the window….car alarms going off in the storm and cats howling at night
  • smelling…the rich, pungent smell of wet earth and rotting leaves
  • tasting….the richness of a warming stew so comforting on the darkening evenings
  • feeling….that I should be cuddling up somewhere and giving way to hibernation!

Fun for Children in Need!

Here in the UK the BBC, led by a well known broadcaster Sir Terry Wogan, aim to raise lots of money for dis-advantaged children. Once a year they hold the Children in Need Appeal which is widely supported by the public, celebrities and Stars alike. Silly things happen all week and this is just one of the fund raising ideas!
If you would like a Pudsey bandana or bow  follow this link 
If you would like to find out more about Children in Need follow this link 
Have fun!


When I was a girl, growing up in a small town in Lancashire, I was used to the sights and sounds of an industrial landscape. From my bedroom window, I could see a woollen-spinning mill complete with tall, mill chimney and the sound of churning machinery. On days when the industrial process began, the smell from the extraction of lanolin from the wool was appalling! This was just part of life… the ways that people in my town made a living as well as from cotton spinning, light engineering and on the outskirts, farming. What has this got to do with anything I’m doing today? Well, those of you who read this post may want to know more!
Some of you may know that the east coast of Scotland went through somewhat of a boom in the oil industry over the last few years. Fortunes were made and the standard of living rose, especially in the area around Aberdeen. Whilst the fishing ports of Fraserburgh and Peterhead suffered a decline because of failing fish stocks, the rest of the east coast was making ends meet. The boom hadn’t quite reached the Caithness area where we had found our dream spot to settle in retirement. There were two oil platforms on the horizon, but that didn’t bother us that much. People still have to earn a living, although we have retired!
What the owner of the field had not told us, was that there was to be drilling for oil in a field adjacent to ours and although the plant and machinery would be inside a large barn-style building, oil tankers would be driving back and forth all day filling up with oil and taking it to the nearest port at Thurso.
So much for peace and quiet and rural living! Our very large dream had been shattered and we lost the quite considerable deposit we had left to secure the land. Anger and disappointment followed but with spadesful of reality thrown in! I had suddenly become a N.I.M.B.Y. after years of being brought up in my industrial home town!
All those years ago in my home town, others may have loved the peace and serenity of the moorland and the hills and lived on the land thinking that things would not change. I expect their illusions were shattered as the industrial world impinged on their daily life, just as the thought of the oil exploration did on mine.
 BUT, there would be other times and other places and we will have to accept a lot less but this doesn’t seem to matter anymore. Live life each day and still have HOPE but not as many expectations!
As Albert Einstein once said ‘Learn from yesterday, live for today, HOPE for tomorrow’.

Knot knitting!

The trouble is, I’m knot not knitting!
In October 2008 my first grandchild was expected and so I decided to dust off my knitting needles and knit dear daughter some items to put in the layette. I knitted hats, bootees, mittens, dungarees, a teddy bear and a cuddly,blanky rabbit. So far so good…..
DD’s fiancee asked me to knit him a warm jumper to wear on the journey to Uni. His day started with a brisk cycle ride to the station ( lots of cold winds and snow last winter!) then the train and another cycle ride to finish. The same back in the evening, so he was freeeeezing by the time he arrived back! Well, how could I refuse? I said I would knit the jumper for his birthday in November 2008 and now it is November 2009 and I still haven’t finished it and probably won’t for this birthday either!
I thought I would make a HUGE effort to try and finish it for Christmas. So, I have made a progress chart as I calculated I have about six weeks to finish. I’m a slow knitter so that will probably be just about right for me! Christmas wrapping paper and tag will be at the ready for completion!
Will I finish it or won’t I? Will I finish it before my target time? Will the jumper still fit him? Come back next week to see how far I’ve got.

 Look for the poll in my sidebar so I can gauge your opinion on my attempt!

Domestic bliss?….chaos!!

What could be a more mundane subject! We all do it to some extent or another and with different amounts of success and/or expertise. The reason cleaning is on my mind, is that I’ve had an awful lot of it to do recently!
Some of you might have seen a previous post about dear husband doing a little DIY which led to several cleaning bouts and a plumber being called….which led to even more cleaning bouts!
Then, after several chunks of window coming off in my hand, we decided to have them replaced which led to several bouts of cleaning for four days in succession. I followed the tradesmen round the house with my vacuum and other cleaning materials making copious amounts of tea (with two sugars please!) along the way.
To add insult to injury, I found this selection of books which I had bought at various times when doubting my abilities as a Domestic Goddess.
Pages and pages of instructions on the correct way to do this, that and the other! I think I must have been mad to even think of living up to the standards of these weighty tomes. Well, after years of ignoring their advice I have come up with a handy tip of my own:-
I am the biggest procrastinater in the world, believe me and need to take my own advice as this post from LSNED illustrates!
Well, Happy Housework to you all and may you all be in Domestic Chaos Bliss!!