The Best of Intentions.

Sometimes when we use the phrase ‘the best of intentions’ it means that what we are talking about hasn’t really turned out that well! I hope that this won’t prove to be the case as far as I’m concerned….but you never know!! On the basis that it will turn out to be a lot better than I thought, this is what I would like to try to do over the next three weeks:-
  • take full advantage of the prompts from Shimelle to improve my posts
  • enjoy reading your blogs and using some of the super fab ideas you’ll all come up with!
  • have fun using my own photos to get messy with paper scrapping and showing them on the blog…..todays photo is one I took for LSNED!
Finally. a big hello to all BfSers who are visiting my blog for the first time….you are very welcome!

12 thoughts on “The Best of Intentions.

  1. Love your goals for the class! I agree, the main reason I joined this class was to get the ideas for postings! I hate feeling like I'm stealing ideas from someone else's blog and not having it come from my own head. Can't wait to stop by more! ~april

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog (via Shimelle's class). I've been having a nosey around your blog and love what I see. Love that you scrapbook the everyday – something I've been working on.Libby

  3. The best of intentions…we all know that line. I often wonder why I keep trying but I think that I am still hopeful and I hope that I never lose it. I started Shimelle's class today. I love your blog you express yourself very well and I love your pictures of the countryside. I've visited Scotland once and it was magical…kind of like what you described in your blog.

  4. After looking at your blog, I can't wait to see what you do for JYC. The fact that you're able to incorporate knitting into a layout was fabulous. I love the textures and colors. I hope you post your los in the gallery too. 🙂

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