Today is the start of this new venture on UKS and I’ve been saving all kinds of receipts, labels, tags etc so that I can use them to give a snapshot of life in January 2010, together with the photos I’ve taken this month. I hope the resulting album will be as much fun to look at as the Scrap your Day 2009 one I’ve just finished. Time to sort through the photos and memrobilia! Bye!!

This is why I scrapbook……

Great video! It’s lovely to put the sound of your voice to your face!!
I started scrapbooking to tell the story of me and my family and to record it in a way that was fun and informative at the same time. My mother left me a collection of old, family photographs all together in a dusty old document case. Some of the photos had no writing at all on the back and, even after a few years of research, I still have a few photos of people I don’t know. It would be lovely to scrap all these photos in a beautiful way with journalling so that MY grandchildren are able to enjoy finding out about their ancestors. BUT I also drool over ‘all things lovely and of good repute’ so I love the crafty and ‘eye candy’ part of it too! I love the way it has introduced me to blogging and interacting with like-minded people around the world.
Even if I never finish what I set out to do, I shall be glad I started and had fun along the way!!!!!!!

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