Pen tablet basics by Jessica Sprague. Week 3 Challenge.

Jessica challenged us to enter the contest on the Wacom pen scrappers site……that was in February- so I was a little bit late for that. As well as following the contest rules, we also had to use at least one technique we had used in class and this is my entry for the March contest. You download a FREE kit and then use your digital ‘skills’ to create an lo. You only have to use one paper or element from the kit and I chose some of the doodling and writing techniques from the class. The theme was LUCK so I chose this lovely photo and wrote about being so lucky to have such a beautiful GS!

Something for (almost) nothing. Celebrate Life Album. Prompt 2

Shimelle opened this prompt ‘OH PATTERNED PAPER, how I love you! So the challenge today was to use up some of those little off-cuts that we hate to throw away when we have completed a project. There were plenty of ideas to use them up in lots of creative ways. I have used off-cuts to frame the photo and add structure to the rest of the page and journalled one of the reasons why I want to celebrate life.
Mothering Sunday is a happy time of celebration in the midst of the austerity of Lent when we can give thanks for three mothers; our own, the mother Church and Mary, the mother of Jesus. It is a time to celebrate that there is someone to follow after us and that our family is the best place to deal with the joys and sorrows of life. I’m so lucky to be a Mum AND a Grandma!!!!!

Something for (almost) nothing. Celebrate Life Album.

The cover had to embrace metal supplies but when I sorted them out, I didn’t have all that many! Although the small eyelets seem to have a life of their own and get everywhere! I managed to tame some of them to outline the journalling and the bird and also a few nature type charms that I held in place with brads. The paper was so beautiful that I had been keeping it for the proverbial ‘special occasion’. However the emphasis of the class is to stop drooling, stroking and hoarding supplies so that they can be used. So I made this lo and a Mothering Sunday card for DHs Mum thus using annoying eyelets and beautiful (sigh!!!!) paper!

Write Now Week 3….writing backwards.

I’m not quite sure why, but writing upside down on the tablet was the writing exercise for this week. I turned my writing round only to find that I had put the ‘tails’ on the y and g on the wrong side! I must admit, I did lose patience and decided just to write the occasion and date upside down……this time the letters were correct when I turned them round!

Pen tablet basics by Jessica Sprague. Lesson 3.

The third lesson was all about editing photographs. Softening skin, brightening eyes, whitening teeth, etc. etc. I’m afraid all the work didn’t do much for my portrait but……there you go!!!! The kit is All Twitterpated by Cherie Mask @ 2 peas in a bucket and the template was part of the class downloads.