Heavy Metal.

My day 4 collage is made up of items from my Grandma’s stash of buttons,buckles, bits and bobs. I decided to change the word to a question as a title for the collage. I used mettalic paints on the background.
I’ve been ill for a few days so this is the reason for a late submission. I knew that I would be going on holiday before the end of Boot Camp, so this will be my last piece of work until I return, but I intend to finish all the prompts and journalling then. Thank you to Madeleine for all her hard work and thanks to all of you that have commented on my blog or on flickr. It has been a great priviledge to view everyone’s work! Well, I’d better go and start packing the caravan now ready for our journey to the Cotswolds! ‘Bye for now!


The prompt today made me think of the lovely stone walls of the Lake District which we saw on holiday. The walls are very old and have been built and re-built using the same stone over hundreds of years. The stones themselves tell a story of layers with their mosses and lichens evolving over time and weathering of the rock. My inspiration was this photo taken at Wasdale Head in Cumbria.
stone on stone
layer on layer
moss and lichen
wind and rain
time on time


This is a native, wild animal in the UK……a Badger. Some people thought I had included a Skunk in my collage below……it would be funnier though, wouldn’t it! LOL! I would have to re-title the collage ‘la puzza’ rather than ‘al fresco’!


If only I could pack the picnic experience into a paper bag……..food, cloth, flask of tea, nature, fresh air…..if only!!!! I immediately thought of that lovely Italian phrase ‘al fresco’ meaning ‘the fresh’- in this case the fresh air or outside. I’ve tried to include things in my collage that maybe would be all packed together to make the outing relaxing and enjoyable. Maybe not the hat though…..that is just a flight of fancy!


I was thinking along the lines of ivory being precious and valuable, but then it occured to me that the saying ”being in an ivory tower” may mean the opposite. Is my ”ivory tower” a retreat……a tranquil space that I need to think and grow or maybe…… an escape from the realities of this world? What do you think?

Creativity Boot Camp starts tomorrow!

Just doing a little preparation for this exciting event! I’ve decided to add some mixed media items to my scrapbooking so that I can experiment with all these pens, pencils and paints that have been in my desk drawer for ages! I think I’ll use 6×6 format and make an album/journal of my creative journey. I shall be away for some of the time, but intend to finish the boot camp in my own time when I return. Looking forward to the first ideas tomorrow! Click on the link in my sidebar if you’d like to find out more!

Creativity Boot Camp

Here is a creativity booster for us all! It is run by Madeline Bea on the website link shown below in red. I’m really looking forward to
participating. Please go and find out more!

Creativity Boot Camp is a two week intensive e-course designed to take your creativity to the next level. The course will consist of daily creative conditioning exercises to shift your life patterns allowing for a full embracing of your creative selves leading to higher levels of creativity.
Who: You
When: June 6th – June 18th
Where: Right Here
How: You show up here everyday and I provide you with your daily creative insight, motivation, and assignment
Cost: FREE
{only your willingness to participate is required}
Are. You. Ready?