I was driving along my road, on the way to the shops when I noticed this sunflower growing out of the edge of the pavement! It was so unexpected but cheered me up no end! During the afternoon DH and I went along to look and take photos. It is just at the top of our path, so I’m wondering if it has been dropped by a bird who has been feeding at the bird food station in my garden!
I’m using the ‘print & cut challenges’ each day too. Today’s was to ‘close my eyes and pick some thing from my scraps box’ as a starter.

Learn something new every day.

Today, I’ve definitely decided to do hybrid pages in my finished album. I waited until Shimelle sent the lovely papers for the digital 4×6 album, then I cut some matching papers to 5×7. These will be the backgrounds for each of the 4×6 templates. I punched holes in one corner of the papers and added a ring and some ribbons. As you can see, it is hanging from the wall light in my craft room……almost like a tag book I suppose! I used the first of the templates to make my cover picture, so now it’s hanging there waiting to receive the other pages. I thought it would be useful to have an album ready for when I came back from holiday, so that I can refer to the little journal I made yesterday and get all my holiday photos in quickly….although my ‘quick’ really isn’t!!

Learn something new every day. Cover.

I’m going away on holiday soon and won’t be back until some time in October. I needed something to carry around with me in my handbag when I’m out walking, etc. I saw this little A7 notepad in Morrisons this morning and thought it would be ideal to scribble new things in each day and make a note of a photo I’d taken that was appropriate. That way, I have plenty of material for my LSNED journal and a record of my holiday for reference when I scrap all those holiday photos! The date tag is from ‘Embrace life’ by Sandy Krieger with an assortment of fonts!!!