Wednesday 8th December

Today, I went for my weekly shop to Morrisons. ‘It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas’ in the store!

These are the first photos I’ve taken with my Nokia phone, that I’ve used in my scrapbooking. Apologies that they’re not very clear!

Tuesday 7th December

My ‘to do’ list!  Trouble is, each one can be split up into several tasks and then there’s always the unexpected!

;Template: resketches JYCsketch7 reduced to8.5×11; PiP christmas treasures mini; k pertiet christmas memories.

Monday 6th December

Great excitement on Christmas morning 1991. Andrew was 4 & had a Thomas the Tank Engine toy.Jenny was nearly 2 and had a lovely dolls pram. We opened our last Advent Calendar door.

There was NO CHOCOLATE in the Advent Calender either yet, they’re still smiling!!