Got Paint?

 Yes! I have got plenty of paint, but I never use it on my layouts for scrapbooking, well not recently anyway! So I signed up for ‘Got paint?’ by Emily Falconbridge at Big Picture Classes. In week 1 she encouraged us to produce an 6×6 art journal using the following paint techniques as a background to each page. We could use any subject for the journal, so I used some photos of a pleasant afternoon spent with GS at DD’s home. I wrote the painting technique used on the back of each page as a reference guide.
 The cover : dry brushing using two wet colours.
 Dry brushing using one colour.
 Gesso with pattern scratched on and highlighted with a layer of paint.
 Dry brush then wipe surface with a baby wipe.
 Acrylic wash.
 Acrylic glaze.
 Etching into a thick layer of paint.
My painter’s pledge!

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