I have been enjoying this new class ‘Explore’ from Shimelle all week, so I decided it was time to report what I had been doing.
I made this playbook:-

I took this self-portrait and wrote a few notes to self about creativity:-

I thought about what being adventurous means to me and wrote two postcards about adventures I had had in the past. I addressed them to myself but I have yet to post them to get the post office mark and date on them.
I thought about the map as and its symbolism of a journey and added a cool contour map background to my blog here.
I’m now going to make a map page in my playbook, some circle embellishments and consider if I am a perfectionist. Just waiting for Prompt 5 to arrive!
I wish you well in your explorations and thank you for visiting my blog!
Irene x

10 Holiday Photos.

I was recently on holiday at Ravenglass in Cumbria. Here are a selection of the photos I took. Hope they give you a flavour of the area.

Retro fashion at the Lakeland Car Museum.

The dunes & estuary at Ravenglass.

Whitehaven Marina.

The Roman bath house at Ravenglass.
The Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway engine at Ravenglass Station.
Quaint, country cottage at Boot.
Wreay Castle.
Muncaster Castle.
Sunset at Ravenglass.