10 Holiday Photos.

I was recently on holiday at Ravenglass in Cumbria. Here are a selection of the photos I took. Hope they give you a flavour of the area.

Retro fashion at the Lakeland Car Museum.

The dunes & estuary at Ravenglass.

Whitehaven Marina.

The Roman bath house at Ravenglass.
The Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway engine at Ravenglass Station.
Quaint, country cottage at Boot.
Wreay Castle.
Muncaster Castle.
Sunset at Ravenglass.

15 thoughts on “10 Holiday Photos.

  1. Hi Irene. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Nice to see someone else who is interested in the 3 hearts class. I haven't take She Art yet, but hope to next time there is a live class offered.Thanks so much for sharing your photos with us. They are amazing. It looks as if you had a wonderful trip!

  2. Beautiful photos! Looks like a fabulous place for a holiday – very exotic to this Canadian girl. If it wasn't a 12 hour flight, I'd love to bring my boys to explore some Roman ruins and English castles. Maybe when they're a bit older!

  3. I go to the Lakes a lot but I haven't been to any of these places – must be stuck in a rut. May have to go a little further this summer. Thanks for sharing x

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