Busy, busy, busy……

It constantly amazes me how the turn of events and the lengthening of daylight hours can raise one’s mood higher than it has been in months. The SAD days of winter are gone and spring takes over so brilliantly and takes you by surprise……new beginnings are making the days seem more liveable than before. I realised this evening, that it is nearly two weeks since I’ve posted on this blog and all because I’ve been busy doing ‘stuff’. Rather than bore you with a ‘blow by blow’ account, I thought I’d do it with a list of events and some videos and photos instead!

Sunday. Received lovely flowers and cards from DS, DD & GS1. DS came for lunch and then I went to stay with DD for two nights. Lovely time. Mood = good

Beautiful Mothers’ Day bouquet 🙂

Monday with DD. Her husband had gone for an interview and was to stay in Wales overnight. DD was ten days overdue, so we went to the maternity clinic and booked an induction at the hospital for two days later at 6pm in the evening by which time her husband would be home and GS1 staying with his auntie and cousins.
This was not to be!  GS2 was born at home at 23-16 weighing 7lbs 8ozs…..auntie had to dash up to collect GS1……I was busy helping the two midwives and the plumber (Sods’ law…the boiler leaked and so we had to have it on constant running all night to keep the pressure up for hot water and heating!) and holding up a mobile ‘phone to DD’s ear so that she could listen to words of love and encouragement from her husband in his lonely B&B room in Wales! We managed to settle for some sleep about 2-15 🙂 Mood = good but exhausted.

Tired but happy 🙂

Tuesday I spent the day helping DD around the house until her husband came home. Midwife and DS visited.


Home to see the baby at last……

Proud Uncle with new Nephew.

Wednesday. My PARiS induction at a different gym. It went better than this. Mood = good.

Thursday. Had an appointment at the Audiology Dept. at my local hospital…..hearing test then examination of ears, nose and throat by the doctor. It was not good news….significant hearing loss in BOTH ears, so I will have to be fitted with aids in both ears. Mood = low and sad.

Friday. New plants and mason bee nest with cocoons had been delivered the day before, so I went out to start planting them. DH mowed the lawn and did some other jobs around the garden. Pleasant weather and felt better for the outside activity. Mood = Tired but happy.

Saturday. More gardening and fixed the mason bee box on the fence. Gorgeous weather! Mood = exhausted but good.

Mason bee box…the large tube contains the cocoons…..

The box is facing due South….

Bee balm & marjoram planted…

Sunday. It really was a lovely, sunny day 🙂 We were invited over to DD’s home for a barbecue and for DH to meet GS2 for the first time. Scrumptious food and a wonderful day! Mood = happy

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Monday.  PARiS session at the gym….it was really COOL in the air-conditioning….phew! 
 I distributed posters and cards for the Ecominds ‘Feel better outside, feel better inside’ campaign to the gym, the local library, Centre Pharmacy, Scorah Chemists and my GP surgery. Mood = good but tired and hot.

‘Feel better outside,feel better inside’ poster in the Centre Pharmacy.

Tuesday. Back to the normal daily duties of cleaning, cooking and writing a shopping list for tomorrow. In the afternoon I spent some time recording the sounds noise in the garden and enjoying a refreshing mug of tea. Mood = good.

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As you can see, I HAVE been busy, but I’m glad that I’m starting to take part in activities that will speed up my recovery. Thanks for reading if you’ve got this far 🙂 *hugs* Irene x

Kitchen sink…….

….is in….. usable but will be finished tomorrow. It’s HUGE and made of grey granite….another of DH’s ebay bargains….it’s rather like having a grey butler’s sink.
I felt quite strange about having to make lunch in the kitchen while the plumber was there, but he moved his tools and went off on his break so I was able to manage. When I’m nervous or in a situation that I find uncomfortable, I tend to get over effusive and natter on….people must think I’m mad….not far off! 
I managed the weekly shop again this week although the layout in the supermarket has changed again since last week…hard work when you’re anxious….I seemed to have walked MILES when I’d finished. I know I hadn’t but going round and round in circles to find things didn’t help. A lovely lady greeted me in the entrance and gave me a map, but the writing and map were quite small and difficult to make out, so this added to the list of THINGS THAT WERE DIFFERENT. After buying two items, I put the map in my pocket and decided to look at it at home in time for next week. There was a fine MIST of water spraying over the fresh veg, which I thought needed a background of Scottish music and a piper in attendance….someone else thought that Dracula might leap out of the fog any minute! Hmmmmm…...WTF……
I arrived back home and had a chat with a neighbour who was out gardening….not something I do often, but it made me feel more in charge of myself. By this time the plumber was demolishing our old wall and shower with a lump hammer, but there was time to relax after putting everything away with a cup of tea and an ICED BUN. Then DS arrived for his tea and a shower….there’s one in the bathroom too…..it was lovely to end the day on a family note.
DH has been to B&Q for some more tiles and I’ve just finished making my M-in-L’s mother’s day card, so another good day with things being done. *PHEW*

Job done…. Tuesday 13th March…..

Woke up feeling a lot happier today and actually managed to get through the day fairly well. Got washed and dressed quite early, had breakfast and did quite a few crosswords, etc from my Puzzler album…..I’m hooked on these, but because I was quite depressed over the New Year, I’m still working my way through the Christmas special edition!! I have the winter special to do after that and no doubt there will soon be Easter and Spring specials too! When I’m feeling anxious they do help me to concentrate and to forget about my problems for a while and I do feel calmer after a puzzling session….I must state now that I HATE Sudoku and would rather bite off my own leg than try number puzzles…..the same applies to cryptic crosswords, although I do wish I could get the hang of them.
My library elf kept emailing me that my copy of ‘Twelfth Night’ had arrived for me to pick up….I’m VERY EXCITED because DH and I are going to the Globe Theatre in London to see the play in October…..Mark Rylance and Stephen Fry are in it! On arrival at the library, they informed me that they had sent it back to the central library this morning, a fact that the library elf had overlooked…..I always thought ‘magic beings’ were over-rated!  I’m glad to say that I ‘kept my cool’ and didn’t panic and do something stupid….Phew! I carried on to the shops and bought baby socks, gorgeous cuddly bunny…for GS2…and some t-shirts from the sale at M&Co. I bought an old book from the Oxfam shop to make into an art journal, a magazine, 2 sketch pads and 2 mechanical pencils from the newsagents….4 chocolate bars also mysteriously appeared when I unpacked the bag….mmm.
Well after a long conversation with DD about her midwife’s visit, making tea, cleaning the kitchen, writing a shopping list and clearing out the under-sink cupboard, I feel a real sense of achievement today. Oh, I forgot feeding the birds and taking photos in the garden in the lovely sunshine!
Well, it’s midnight now and I must hurry to bed as the plumber is coming in the morning to fit a new kitchen sink and tap and to bash hell out of the disgusting shower in the downstairs shower room. Goodnight!

Just do it……

I can remember saying that to someone else way back in the mists of time….little did I know that I would be in dire need of that advice myself. I’ve just wasted another day on this computer going round and round on Email-twitter-facebook with an interruption of searching for things I don’t even need or want for that matter. I’ve also bought another online class to add to all the others I haven’t done yet. I suppose it may be another time for CBT but this always gets me into a rage when I have to fill in forms to make plans, to-do lists and the like.
I’ve been hanging around not doing much all weekend except for one bright spot visiting my family……GS2 is now 3 days overdue and DD is longing to go into labour…..cooking, dishwasher operation and shopping go on regularly but that’s about all. What I need is a good cure for my constant procrastination…. JUST DO IT?

10 things on the 10th…going solar….

Haven’t posted for this for a while, so I thought I’d show 10 photos of our solar panels being installed and let the photos speak for themselves. You can find more links on Shimelle’s blog here.

Now we’re self-sufficient in electricity on most days! Thank you for visiting 🙂

Food as therapy…a healthy breakfast.

I love bananas and eat one for breakfast every day….a banana, a small cup of orange juice and something like weetabix or bran flakes with skimmed milk, which is 2 of my 5 fruit and veg a day, low fat dairy and some carbohydrate. Sometimes, just the banana by itself is a bit boring, so I chop it up with the cereal and I was wondering if there was another way to eat my favourite fruit. Then, I remembered smoothies…only possible if you have a blender or food processor….I must clean my mini-blender and try this recipe:


1 banana, peeled & sliced
1/2 pint of milk
1 or 2 tbsp of honey
ice cubes (optional)

  1. Put all the ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Pour into a glass and serve at once.