Another train journey…..

This was our last day of the holiday and the weather, yet again, was beautiful. The farmland along the route was stunning and the farmer stopping his tractor to have a drink was one of the highlights of the day….I wish I had captured it earlier! We wandered around Walsingham and passed all the shrines of the various denominations…..the smell of incense outside the Anglican shrine was choking and the organ gave us all a big shock, it played so loudly for the service. We didn’t stay but a coachful of pilgrims had just arrived for a service, hence the incense and organ music! We had a lovely lunch at the Bull and really enjoyed strolling through the town back to the station and back to Wells. The photos from Wells appeared in my last post. Here’s a little video I made up from snippets and photographs. Enjoy! 🙂

Wells to Walsingham Light Railway, Norfolk, UK. September 2012 from Irene Fitzpatrick on Vimeo.

Saturday Caption

I spotted this unusually shaped vegetable in the garden of a National Trust property in Norfolk on our recent holiday. I’m sure you’ll be ‘bold as brass’ when thinking of a caption for this one 🙂

By the sea…..

….more photos from our holiday in Norfolk. We had beautiful weather for the whole of our time there 🙂

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Holiday Horrors :(

Click to play this Smilebox slideshowOK, so my holiday wasn’t all sunshine and roses 😦 Let’s get rid of the horror partbefore anything else. I had 2 visits to the doctor,1 visit to A&E in an ambulance

and a visit to a nurse to take out my stitches!

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