Mossley Makes & Mos

Yesterday was a beautiful Autumn day in UK…a lovely day for getting outside and having some fun in the fresh air and sunshine. I did just that with a new crafting group I’ve joined called ‘Mossley Makes’…an extra from the usual once a month meeting, where we were going to make wreaths in preparation for Christmas from willow and decorate them. Setting off after the talk given to us by John one of the Tameside Rangers, we set off along the old railway track armed with loppers and secateurs in search of coppiced willow and hazel. We collected lots of these and together with foliage from members’ gardens and ribbon brought by another member, we fashioned our wreaths. It was a little more difficult than it sounds as although the willow and hazel were flexible they were also very springy, so just when you thought you’d formed a passable circle it started to unwrap! Everyone went home with a wreath or a collection of materials to finish it at home ….see the scrapbook below.

I also met some Mobrothers who were also collecting money for mens’ health by growing a moustache πŸ™‚ I’ve just bought a lovely moustache necklace which I am wearing throughout Movember and I used this as a Mo for my latest photo on my Mospace here. Please visit, rate my mospace and donate…any amount will do πŸ™‚

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