Most of the other participants in #Darecember are young, Aussie mums 🙂 and it’s summer down there, so I thought I’d show that I was young once too! The photo on the left was taken on my July birthday some years ago…I’m wearing a blue denim pinafore dress with men’s, striped tee shirt, dangly earrings and HUGE specs 🙂 The right hand photo was taken this afternoon….hag in winter….denim. Grey denim skirt with asymmetrical seams and raw hem, wool/cashmere mix jumper and glittery pasta necklace, made and presented to me by my Grandson. Just the kind of outfit for relaxing inside on a cold, frosty day.

#DAREcember @Fox in Flats

4 thoughts on “Denim…..

  1. No…from 1990! I think it must have been the summer after I had Jenny…I would have been 40 🙂 It’s no use counting the candles ‘cos I think they are arranged in a smiley face! The grey skirt I’ve had for a few years…it’s good ‘cos I can either dress it up or down like the photo…very handy bit of clothing!

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