Secret Teacher….

I think I must be feeling a bit low today because this article in The Guardian really made my stomach twist and brought a lump to my throat. It wasn’t quite as bad as this… chair throwing… but I had five emotionally disturbed children in my class and this, plus the attitude of the Head really finished me off in teaching…medical dismissal and ‘early retirement’. The death of my mother on the first day of half term and extending this holiday to include another week of ‘compassionate leave’ was all I could do to try and overcome the great emotional and mental turmoil, but I ended up lasting two more days in school and that was my thirty four year career ended…nervous breakdown, admission eventually to the Mental Health Unit of my local hospital and thoughts of suicide. All I can do is wish the teacher good luck and hope that a solution is found to the problem…the Head or the child!

2 thoughts on “Secret Teacher….

  1. Oh, that’s just so sad–both your story and the secret teacher’s. The students are one thing, but when your administrators won’t back you up, or even believe you, how can one be expected to go on? I’ve never had a problem like this in the classroom, but some of my colleagues have, and our department chair and dean have always been supportive–that really made the difference.

    It’s a crime that good teachers like you get run out of teaching and the other students lose a great teacher because of the few problem children and administrators who won’t do their jobs–supposed leaders who don’t know how to lead.

  2. Our Head always had some kind of ‘secret agenda’ which although I was one of the management team I never cottoned on to….but believe me, once the warning that they couldn’t support me on another period of sick leave, it was all out to make things awkward for me…even so called friends joined in the quest…complaining about the noise from my classroom, instead of having a quiet word like professionals do to support one another….Sorry..I’m now in tears and feeling really sorry for myself…..I suppose I’ve just tried to hide all these feelings of sadness and betrayal all these years….

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