New online class from Shimelle!!!!!!

Great excitement at Calendula HQ!!!! Shimelle has announced her new class ‘Blogging for Scrapbookers’ and I’ve signed up for it! It’s about time some ‘fresh air’ was blown into this blog to get rid of all the cobwebs and give me a new impetus! I think this will be a good place to start. The class begins on Monday 2nd November and you can find details at Come on visitors…..sign up! It will be great fun!!!!!!!

re: Broken bog

The reason the owner of b…… b…… doesn’t recognise the bog in the photo is because it’s OURS. My husband DID contact them and they sent us a piece of coral pink pottery from one of THEIR bogs this week! The plumber says we don’t need another one and is replacing the workings inside the tank instead. Much cheaper, too!

Broken bog!

John has decided to repair the bathroom toilet himself! Here he is looking very proud of the fact that he’s trashed the bathroom! It’s all part of the great renovation debate- shall we have a completely new bathroom or shall we find a replacement toilet? They just don’t make pink bathroom suites any more!

Well, while we solve this great dilemma, where do we GO in the meantime? To the loo in the downstairs shower room!!! That’s grey of course!!!!

Let there be light !!!!!!

The trees in my garden had become a threat to the foundations of my house so, unfortuneately, we had to have them taken down. One tree had grown so big that it hammered on the bedroom windows if it was windy and it was very gloomy underneath. This may be OK in the middle of a forest, but not in a small garden! I think previous owners had not thought about the long-term impact their planting would have. Here are some before and after photos.