help! I don’t know where to begin! Day 6.

Today, I decided to make a start on the shelves of my bookcase in my craft/ironing room. I decided to do the whole 3 piles and time myself. It took me 30 minutes to finish sorting them and another 15 to dust the shelf and put them into piles of the same magazine. There was even room for my button collection which has been moving around the room for a long time and now has a home!!

help! I don’t know where to begin! Day 5.

Today, I have de-cluttered the box that I keep all my herbs and spices in….it was a real mess! It only took me 15 minutes to sort out all the out of date stuff but then another 45 to re-cycle and rinse all the bottles and packaging. I was so pleased with the result that I was ‘on a roll’ and tidied out the whole cupboard!

help! I don’t know where to begin! Day 4.

It was an absolutely SCORCHING day here, so I did a very quick swoop in the garage and then loaded the car with all the charity shop donations. Thanks to the workshop, I am feeling much better about the state my house is in because you have given me the confidence to make a difference.Thank you, Aby!
After all that, it was time to go and sit in a shady place in the garden with a COOL drink!

help! I don’t know where to begin! Day 3.

Today it was the turn of the dreaded hall cupboard! This is the pile I managed to throw out of it in my 15 minute grab & dash! There were about 18 coats, 5 pairs of wellies and lots of junk too. I hope the charity shop will take them all!! Only three more days to go now, but I think I’m well on the way to getting my home de-cluttered.  Phew!

help! I don’t know where to begin! Day 2.

On day 2, I decided to dash & grab for 15 minutes in the kitchen
Would you believe that packet of potato was dated ‘use by June 2001′!!!!!! There were even the childrens’ table mats they used when they were toddlers…..they’ve now left home and are 20 & 23!!!!!! I managed to grab nearly 40 items! Phew..that does feel better!

help! I don’t know where to begin! Day 1.

This class by Aby Garvey at simplify 101 lasts for just 7 days and so we all had to ‘get stuck in’ today by choosing an area of our home that needs de-cluttering. I chose the ‘dumping ground’ on the top landing, which is supposed to be storage for linen, but has accumulated old toys, Christmas decorations and a variety of unsavoury items I won’t mention here!! We had 15 minutes to clear the clutter and the photo shows how much I actually shifted!! I think I’m going to need a van to deliver this lot by the end of the class! Main beneficiaries will be the local OXFAM charity shop, family and the local council tip!!