Pen tablet basics by Jessica Sprague.Last 3 projects!!!

I have really enjoyed this class and have learned many new techniques with the pen tablet and a basic knowledge of how to use Photoshop Elements for digital scrapbooking and photo editing. Phew!!!! It has taken me ages to do the projects because I had to keep re-running the class videos over and over again! It certainly has been worth the money and……surprise, surprise…..I also have a refund from my ‘phone company for the disappointment of not being able to use the class forums when they were live and the broadband was almost non-existent!!!! I wrote about it in this post . Gosh!!!! What’s that noise….OOOOooohhh…….it’s Wordsworth turning in his grave because I have spelling errors in his poem and I could only fit the first two verses on the page!

Pen tablet basics by Jessica Sprague. Week 4 Journal Block

This is the last week of the class and Jessica gave us this fab journalling template to practise our writing. Don’t bother to read it, as I’ve just written some odd thoughts about my handwriting in general and how I could improve it…..if I ever can! The template is by Jessica Sprague and the digital kit is courtesy of Shabby Princess .

Something for (almost) nothing. Celebrate Life Album. Prompts 5,6 & 7

Here are my last three layouts for this class. I’m certainly getting through a lot of stash which is a really good excuse to buy more when the class is over!!

Pen tablet basics by Jessica Sprague. Lesson 4

This week’s main lesson was about painting and extraction. There was stitching, erasing, mixing type and handwriting, and even extracting items from their backgrounds to create embellishments. It was the first time I’d done some of the techniques but I really enjoyed making this lo of GS…..even though I realised when I had finished and saved it all that I wasn’t supposed to paint all over his face!!!!  Oh well…back to the drawing board??

Celebrate life. Prompt Four.

The challenge today was to use cardstock, so I decided on shades of blue to match the photos. I even had a go at weaving two different shades into an embellishment. These two photos of GS make me smile even though you can’t see his face…..his antics trying to sit down on the little pouffe were hilarious!!

Celebrate life. Prompt Three.

These foolish things……I tend to scrap photos of people more than things, but when I looked at these two, I knew they would bring back memories of silly jokes shared together on holiday!
DH to Irene, ‘That statue looks just like you!’ Irene to DH, ‘Which part?’
Irene to hefty DH, ‘DON’T sit on that chair!!’ Hefty DH to Irene, ‘Why?’